Tips For Submitting Samples

People have been generously sent us copies of tests that they have written and the fixtures they have used to apply them. We collect these as SampleApplications. We would like to hear from you too. Send us a zip of your tests with a note that will help us appreciate them.

The "formula" for sample application pages is simple:

  • One page about you so folks know who is talking. This could be a page on any one of our SisterSites like the ppr wiki.

  • One page about the application, and particularly how fit helps you make it better. Please include some sample test reports if that is at all possible. But double check with your management before you do.

  • Include a zip or tgz with anything you can give away. Be sure to say in your email that you want to give it away and that it is yours to give.

  • Add some links to your application's web sites if any. Add a page to it that explains fit to your users. We like to read how folks do that too.

You can send us text and we will make these page or you can request a login/password so you can do it yourself. (We have to post the zip or tgz files so we will be involved anyway.)


Last edited April 8, 2004
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