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This is a wiki site about a testing framework. The wiki complements the framework, but is not a part of it (yet). Keep this in mind as you read on.

This site runs my version 4 wiki which is essentially that distributed with the book, TheWikiWay. I've extended this version with several modifications which make it well suited as a test data repository.

Wiki sites are particularly well suited for incremental and collaborative document development. We think any test repository should be equally so, wiki or not.

As you explore ExampleTests try to imagine that they describe your product. Imagine that you can find, understand and run any test at any time. Imagine that you can add cases and that you can direct these to any version of your product in development, test or production. Finally imagine that others are doing likewise and that this experience is the basis of conversation and decision making for the organization.

Tests light the headlights of your organization. You will be wise to let many people contribute to that light and to let many more peer into the future it illuminates.


Last edited September 6, 2002
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