Wiki Tables


This wiki has text formatting rules that will make tables. A table is a span of lines with a | as the first and last character on each line and additional | separating columns. Here is a table.

  1950 1960 1970
population 200m 260m 340m
production 330b 450b 920b

Browsers often render empty cells differently as may be seen above. This wiki's text formatting rules interfere with this by combining empty cells with non-empty cells to the left using the colspan attribute.

Here is a typically formatted table with the interpreting fixture identified in the first cell.

amount op total() print()
1000 + 1000 [1000 USD]
1000 + 2000 [2000 USD]
10000000000 + 10000002000 [10000002000 USD]
3000 - 9999999000 [9999999000 USD]

Try this link to see how this looks in wiki formatting codes: http:pages/WikiTables. See also HtmlTables to see how this is done with html tags.



Last edited September 23, 2002
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